Chiropractic Services

At New Heights Chiropractic & Nutrition we focus on four main types of Chiropractic Care treatment that include, micro-conditioning or ART, manipulation or mobilization, electrical stimulation, and rehabilitation exercises.

Micro-conditioning is a manual soft tissue technique that breaks up fascial adhesions that are preventing muscles from moving properly. This technique also frees up nerves that are stimulating the muscles, allowing the muscle to immediately relax.

Adjustments or “manipulations” are osseous mobilizations of a joint that stimulate the nervous system and send signals to your brain and spinal cord that both block pain receptors and “re-wire” muscle pattern function. This stimulus allows the body to move freely and pain free! 

Electrical Stimulus -Phoenix Waveform Pro is an arcwave stimulus that we use to provoke a muscle contraction that acts on both the muscle belly and muscle nerve endings. By stimulating the nerve endings, the stimulus targets the closing of pain receptors and increases the release of endorphins that drastically decreases pain. 

Rehabilitation exercises are used, most often, in conjunction with the Phoenix Waveform Pro. We believe that doing an exercise while the electrical current is attached allows the brain to receive as much neurological input as possible. This allows the muscular system to respond to the stimulus very quickly and by doing this type of rehab, the patient’s recovery period will decrease dramatically! 


Areas We Serve

New Heights Chiropractic is the choice of residents looking for a Chiropractor in Bucks County, PA. Conveintly located on Street Rd in Bensalem (next to Parx Casino), we are an easy trip from locations across Lower Bucks County, including:


Because we are neuro-musculoskeletal doctors, we treat nerve, muscle and joint pain that is interfering.

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