The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic technique involving the examination of the sacrum and pelvis to assess for restrictions in the sacroiliac joint (SI joint). 

The provider will use diversified and drop table adjustments to mobilize the restricted area. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce sacral tension that is restricting the baby’s movement in utero. 

By doing so, tension in the sacroiliac joint releases allowing a natural and gentle downward movement of the baby. It is most commonly used on mother’s who are in late-stage pregnancy and are trying to assure the breech baby moves into a head down position in order to avoid the C-section procedure. 

This technique can also be used on pregnant mother’s who are experiencing sacroiliac joint paint or hip pain.

How the Webster Technique is Performed

At our office in Bensalem, we perform the Webster Technique by using gentle diversified and drop table adjustment to the pelvis, massage to the round ligament, and tissue work to the piriformis muscle. These therapies allow tension and restriction in the sacroiliac joint to be released allowing the baby to naturally turn into a head down position due to changes in pressure in utero. We focus on making the soon-to-be mommy feel comfortable, heard, and assure she is treated with care. This very gentle technique takes only a few minutes, but we make it a priority to discuss exercises to do at home to assure the hips are loose and ready for delivery.

Dr. Stefania Incollingo has been successful with the Webster Technique on every pregnant patient that has come to the office looking for this treatment.

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