Prenatal Chiropractic Care in Bucks County, PA

At New Heights Chiropractic & Nutrition, Dr. Stef is an expert in prenatal chiropractic care in Bensalem PA and she can help relieve stress and pain caused by pregnancy. 

Pregnancy causes a temporary change in a woman’s body and keeping the spine and pelvis properly aligned is beneficial as the baby grows and much needed space is reduced. Dr. Stef can provide the necessary adjustments to help create much needed space for the baby. 

Prenatal chiropractic care is a safe drug free option which can help reduce pain as these changes occur.

What to expect during a prenatal chiropractic appointment.

In our office, we have a special chiropractic table designed for pregnant women. It drops inwards to provide space for the baby bump while laying face down so the patient can get treatment in a comfortable position. Dr. Stef will start with an evaluation and then provide the necessary adjustments for you

Benefits of Receiving Prenatal Chiropractic Care at our office in Bensalem

Starting a chiropractic regimen early in your pregnancy can provide benefits throughout your pregnancy. This can help get the discomfort under control while also preparing your body for the rest of the pregnancy. 

Women may experience sciatic pain, low back pain, upper back pain, hip pain, and nerve pain! If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact us to schedule an appointment and we can help you get back to feeling better. We are also trained in performing the webster technique if you have a breech baby.

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