Our approach

At New Heights, we believe that between patient nutrition education, time restricted eating, and supplementation your weight loss goal WILL be met. We strive to help our nutrition patients with lifestyle changes that will shape their daily routine, while educating them about what certain foods DO to the body. Because we know that micronutrient deficiencies are extremely common and will greatly interfere with your weight loss journey, we use supplementations to enhance your progress. Micronutrient deficiencies and improper liver and digestive function will make or break your ability to lose weight!

People could be dieting and exercising regularly, but continue to have a difficult time losing weight causing complete and utter discouragement. If you have found yourself not being able to lose that “stubborn fat” even with diet and exercise, we have to address your liver and digestive function for you to lose the weight!

What to expect

With our weight loss program, we require a 6 month commitment to ensure our patients understand that this approach is a lifestyle change to use indefinitely, not just a temporary diet plan. 

If the doctor needs further information about your condition, she will send you out for blood work, genetic testing via saliva, or urine organic acid testing. These tests will allow us to determine if your problem is stemming from a methylation issue, vitamin or mineral deficiency, or a yeast-bacteria imbalance in your digestive tract so proper supplementation can be recommended!