Shoulder pain is one of the most common injuries we see at New Heights and is typically due to poor posture and forward rotation of the shoulder blade. Typically, sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day will cause increase in shoulder rotation and rounding of the upper back. Poor posture is often caused by slouching forward while walking or sitting. Looking down at your phone can also negatively affect your posture. 

Overtime, these become habits and cause muscle weakness and joint stiffness which contributes to back and neck pain. When going to lift something above head or performing a pressing motion, such as chest press, the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder get pinched due to force in the joint while it is in a vulnerable or weak position. Stiff shoulder, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, or just general shoulder pain are the most common shoulder complaints.

Treatment for shoulder injuries include chiropractic adjustments to the neck and upper back, posture re-education, upper back and shoulder exercises, and neuromuscular- stimulation to the muscles of the upper back and rotator cuff muscles. This treatment takes pressure off of the shoulder labrum and rotator cuff muscles, allowing the inflamed tissue to heal and pain to subside.

Why Choose a Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain?

If you or someone you know is experiencing shoulder pain, seeing a chiropractor first is a great option for getting pain relief. Chiropractors are specialists who are trained to know the structure of the shoulder and our trained chiropractors in Bensalem can review and discuss your Xray or MRI results. We can then provide you a treatment plan to get you on the path to recovery and pain relief. We provide non-invasive treatment options as part of your recovery plan. More invasive therapies like injections or surgery have a high risk of complications and this is why we recommend seeing a chiropractor as your first line of defense

Treatment Options

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